International Seminar on Digitization:

Driving the Ultimate Goal and Capacity Building on the Development of industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Supply Chain in Food Industry

20-25 August 2018 - Bangkok, Thailand



The digital technologies, currently, have been changed at a faster acceleration rate and affordable. IoT, Big data, Cloud, Cyber Physical System (CPS), next generation printers (3D, 4D), sensors and smartphones, robotics, and AI are the topics that have been discussed in every businesses. The digital technologies have currently turned the traditional business in a way that people communicate, collaborate, and do their businesses with the new world of digital. In fact, the improvement of business which related to people, processes, and tools will be changed toward online technologies and media. The Digital Transformation will become the most important process to transform current business to digital world of business. However, there is a research study shows that there are 87% of companies believe that digital will disrupt their industries, but only 44% have prepared for digital trends ( (3 AUG, 2016)  The research raises the issue of how we are going to explain the business world that the digital technology is coming close to their doors. It is the most important issue that needs to change and it is easier than what you imagine.

At present, we have also heard about “Industry 4.0”, which so called “Smart factory” in the process of manufacturing technologies. This is a new trend of 21st century in operation and supply chain to run business by using automation and data exchange technologies. Its main purpose is to allow the entrepreneurs do their decision making or do somethings in strategic way and practical operation in order to enhance their competitiveness.
However, most people not only in private but also in public sectors do not have much understanding and realization the important of this new trend and its impact in business and industry. Consequently, these people have poor adaptation to these changes, which resulted in decreasing competitiveness in terms of production capability, innovation, product quality traceability, responsive to customer and other functions in their value chain.

The Concept of Digital Transformation and Industry 4.0 Training is aiming at creating awareness of digital technologies and providing concept, ideas and practical ways of industry 4.0 and smart factory as well as among the JITRI members , NFI  members AND WAITRO members.

Introduction to the program

Training on Digitization: Driving the Ultimate Goal and Capacity Building on the Development of industry 4.0, Smart Factory and Supply Chain in Food Industry. The event will features the important of the digital transformation, and how to transform traditional business, in which the participants would be able to use it as a guideline for improvement in the digital world of business through the workshop and discussion. The training will be held on 20-25 August 2018 at Thai Food Heritage, National Food Institute (NFI), Bangkok, Thailand


  1. To provide a forum for exchanging knowledge, experiences and gaining ideas of Digital Transformation, Industry 4.0 and smart factory particularly food industry sector among experienced speakers, technicians, investors, and business owners.
  2. To expand digital technology business in member of JITRI  NFI and WAITRO Member
  3. To be able to initiate project to implement the knowledge of industry 4.0 and smart factory development particularly food manufacturing and food supply chain.

Key words

Smart Factory/Automation and Robot/System Integration/IoT/Fintech/Cyber-Physical System/Smart Supply Chain/Digital Marketing/Cloud Computing/Digital Transformation/Big Data/Human 4.0/Industry 4.0/Smart Factory/Supply Chain. [ Course detail ]


  • 15 persons from JITRI members
  • 15 persons from NFI members.
  • 20 persons from WAITRO members.
  • 130 Thai Participant.


For all invited participants from WAITRO members, the round-trip airfare and local expenses (Registration fee and accommodation) will be covered by WAITRO.